NEW LIVE VIDEO “Don’t Blame The Whiskey In The Bottle”


The Rough Stuff


I began recording my second album a few months ago at Studio H and I now have 14 rough cut songs. It can be difficult to understand what goes into recording an album. Everything else in your mind gets put on hold; you become completely consumed with making every song sound amazing. Its more than just the time and money spent in the studio. Its the countless hours of preparation writing the songs, composing the music, and finding other musicians. Now, if I could just come up with a name for the album!

Jam Wisconsinbly

Last night I jammed with some other musicians…Chris was on the mandolin and Tater on the stand up bass.  For 3 guys who really haven’t played together we rocked it! Cant wait to get some more practice in with these guys and START PLAYING LIVE! I’ve waited too long to get on stage. I am about to release my 2nd album and then it’s show time boys and girls.


Back in the saddle again!

At Studio H today laying down some more music for my new album…and it feels good. The closer I get to sharing my new songs with the world the more important that project becomes. More momentum. More anxiousness. More LOVE. I’ve been playing and writing songs for 15 years and it’s time to shine my friends.


Making dreams a reality…it holds POWER!