NEW LIVE VIDEO “Don’t Blame The Whiskey In The Bottle”


For The Love of Bluegrass


The “high lonesome sound” isn’t always heard in more modern contemporary Bluegrass music. The genre feels like its evolving but all the while still paying tribute to the original style. I can hear the influence of blues in the soulful lyrics and I can hear the influence of jam bands in the mind blowing solos. I have experienced large scale performances of every genre but no style can speak to my soul and fill my body with energy like Bluegrass.

In the past few years I’ve been showing my support for local music and going to see Horseshoes & Hand Grenades as well as Dead Horses perform. HHG plays with a progressive high energy unique style. When they perform they are always having a blast. All five members sing into the same mic that literally pulls the whole show together. Dead Horses brings an intensity to their shows that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It makes you tap your toes, bounce your knees, and bob your head. They have an approachable sound that can be appreciated by all genre lovers. The talent that I’ve witnessed time and time again makes me proud to be a musician from Wisconsin. I’ve traveled near and far to see both these bands and I will never stop SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSIC!

Just Like That My Second Album Has a Title


My second album is in the final stages of production.  As a musician and songwriter for 17 years I have never felt more excitement to show people my creation, my craft, and my talent. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Photo shoot is scheduled, video shoot is scheduled, and one of my fans helped me come up with the title…’Welcome To My Head’. Counting down the weeks!

My First Album: I Wrote These Songs For You

I released my first album in June 2013 and I can’t wait to finish my second. I’ve been recording at Studio H in Appleton with Tony Anders and some other local artists. We are definitely coming up with some fresh new sounds. When I was recording my first album I couldn’t wait to let friends and family hear it and I let them listen to songs as I was finishing them. Not this time. I can’t wait for my fans, friends, and family to hear all the tracks for the first time all at once. Until then, enjoy. I wrote these songs for you.

Jam Wisconsinbly

Last night I jammed with some other musicians…Chris was on the mandolin and Tater on the stand up bass.  For 3 guys who really haven’t played together we rocked it! Cant wait to get some more practice in with these guys and START PLAYING LIVE! I’ve waited too long to get on stage. I am about to release my 2nd album and then it’s show time boys and girls.


Welcome to My Head

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to write songs that make people feel like they’ve lived inside the words. I’ve written over 75 original songs and not a single one has started on paper. They begin from raw, spontaneous emotion. I sit and play. I let my observations, my feelings, and my life experiences come to life in words. I sing and play them over and over again until the chords in my heart vibrate and my mind sings. Most can’t believe that I don’t write down any of my lyrics, but the truth is I do, they are written inside me.

Sing along with me!