Song Swap Your Heart Out

10394575_821333504567244_5344734789830707647_nStevens Point Wisconsin…named after the great George Stevens and home to Point Brewery. The trip to join some fellow musicians at the Elbow Room for a song swap was well worth it.

Simply displayed behind the bar there was a sign that said “No fancy drinks” and I could tell right when I walked in it was more of a joke than a rule. Great atmosphere mixes well with great talent.

Musician after musician came to play. From banjos, to trumpets, violins to washboards, my heart was filled with music from beginning to end. Music doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are young or old, male or female, rich or not so rich, music is appreciated across ages, cultures, and classes. This swap was a perfect example of how the magic of music brings people together. People who otherwise might never cross paths but at the Elbow Room magic seekers unite.




Tunes I Rock

Its difficult for me to categorize my music. Its hard to pick one genre. I appreciate music of all styles and I’m influenced by music from all styles. And my music pulls from every style. Here’s a few of the artists that I’ve been jamming to recently. Some local, some mainstream, all incredibly talented musicians.


Henhouse Prowlers I had the pleasure of seeing this group perform this summer at the first annual Blue Ox Bluegrass Festival in Eau Claire WI. Wow. I was sucked right in. Their finger picking was impressive and  they sounded so polished together. This band will be touring as long as they want to.

ben josephBen Joseph I met Ben in Chicago at Rax Trax Studio when I was recording my debut album “I Wrote These Songs For You.” His song “Dreaming of Electric Sheep” is a mood lifter. Its got almost a sexy jazz vibe to it.

Brian-Wilson-the-beach-boys-33556919-680-400Brian Wilson The impact that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys had on the music industry is something that could never be measured. Brain pushed the limits early on and paved the way for others. Musical genius.

steam-powered-giraffeSteam Powered Giraffe This group is all about the experience. They are true performers. Their shows include comedic skits, multimedia visuals, steam effects, and robot pantomime. Their style might not be for everyone but their level of talent is unmatched.

Who Really Likes Getting Their Picture Taken


By far my least favorite part of releasing a new album is the ever dreaded photo shoot. Being behind a microphone is awesome. Being on a stage is incredible. But being in front of that dang camera is a really awkward feeling. I’m always pleased with how the images come together but that awkward feeling still resonates inside. If anyone has tips or tricks to melt away the “all eyes on me” feeling, please do share. Here’s a tiny sneak peek.

The Rough Stuff


I began recording my second album a few months ago at Studio H and I now have 14 rough cut songs. It can be difficult to understand what goes into recording an album. Everything else in your mind gets put on hold; you become completely consumed with making every song sound amazing. Its more than just the time and money spent in the studio. Its the countless hours of preparation writing the songs, composing the music, and finding other musicians. Now, if I could just come up with a name for the album!

My First Album: I Wrote These Songs For You

I released my first album in June 2013 and I can’t wait to finish my second. I’ve been recording at Studio H in Appleton with Tony Anders and some other local artists. We are definitely coming up with some fresh new sounds. When I was recording my first album I couldn’t wait to let friends and family hear it and I let them listen to songs as I was finishing them. Not this time. I can’t wait for my fans, friends, and family to hear all the tracks for the first time all at once. Until then, enjoy. I wrote these songs for you.

Jam Wisconsinbly

Last night I jammed with some other musicians…Chris was on the mandolin and Tater on the stand up bass.  For 3 guys who really haven’t played together we rocked it! Cant wait to get some more practice in with these guys and START PLAYING LIVE! I’ve waited too long to get on stage. I am about to release my 2nd album and then it’s show time boys and girls.