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My Songwriting Process: No Paper Necessary

I often get asked about my song writing process. When I respond that I don’t sit down and write people are always surprised. I’m a songwriter that doesn’t physically write anything down. The story starts in my head, maybe with just one line or a few words. I grab an instrument and start playing. I continue to play and sing and then usually leave it for a little while. It gives me a chance to run words through my mind. I play. The song has a verse and a chorus. I take a break. I play. I play. I play. Never once picking up a pencil never once writing words down. My process is as much physical as it is mental. I let the song take its own shape.


The Time Capsule Experiment

Today I am starting an experiment…and I’m making it up as I go. I will call it the Time Capsule Experiment. Like in high school and college when you kept all your concert ticket stubs. Most of you probably never stopped; I never stopped. I’m going to try to put in more than just stubs. Pictures my daughter draws. Love Notes left for me. Photo booth pictures. Just small bits and pieces to remember. Life goes by so fast. We are all getting to the same end but everyone seems to be in a hurry. I challenge you to make a time capsule. Enjoy the little things.