The Sky Has No Limit…the Greensky


Greensky Bluegrass delivers…every time. They make five acoustic instruments sound as loud as your favorite rock show. That can’t be easy to create. Even with Bluegrass in their name their sound pulls from so many genres. They are rooted in classic string Americana, folk, blues, rock, and country. Their sound is song-driven and it resonates with fans in a spiritual way. I’m not blowing smoke friends. Greensky Bluegrass is the best live performance I’ve ever experienced.

Caught them at The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee last weekend. Historical theaters are always an incredible venue. The Pabst, Majestic, and Meyer Theatre and beyond all have my support. The more shows you attend the longer these venues will continue to prosper and bring artists to your community.


The Sky has no limit when it’s Greensky. Keep following your dreams and working hard. Your dreams won’t work unless you do.


Song Swap Your Heart Out

10394575_821333504567244_5344734789830707647_nStevens Point Wisconsin…named after the great George Stevens and home to Point Brewery. The trip to join some fellow musicians at the Elbow Room for a song swap was well worth it.

Simply displayed behind the bar there was a sign that said “No fancy drinks” and I could tell right when I walked in it was more of a joke than a rule. Great atmosphere mixes well with great talent.

Musician after musician came to play. From banjos, to trumpets, violins to washboards, my heart was filled with music from beginning to end. Music doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you are young or old, male or female, rich or not so rich, music is appreciated across ages, cultures, and classes. This swap was a perfect example of how the magic of music brings people together. People who otherwise might never cross paths but at the Elbow Room magic seekers unite.



For The Love of Bluegrass


The “high lonesome sound” isn’t always heard in more modern contemporary Bluegrass music. The genre feels like its evolving but all the while still paying tribute to the original style. I can hear the influence of blues in the soulful lyrics and I can hear the influence of jam bands in the mind blowing solos. I have experienced large scale performances of every genre but no style can speak to my soul and fill my body with energy like Bluegrass.

In the past few years I’ve been showing my support for local music and going to see Horseshoes & Hand Grenades as well as Dead Horses perform. HHG plays with a progressive high energy unique style. When they perform they are always having a blast. All five members sing into the same mic that literally pulls the whole show together. Dead Horses brings an intensity to their shows that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It makes you tap your toes, bounce your knees, and bob your head. They have an approachable sound that can be appreciated by all genre lovers. The talent that I’ve witnessed time and time again makes me proud to be a musician from Wisconsin. I’ve traveled near and far to see both these bands and I will never stop SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSIC!