How Music Helped Me Battle Lyme Disease


300 different symptoms are associated with Lyme Disease. I think I’ve experienced most of them. I started feeling sick when I was 8. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong because of the large range of symptoms. There were so many different ways that I hurt. My pain was at a seven. Seven was my baseline.

11 years of testing and doctors without any solution or relief. When I was 19 I was finally diagnosed. FINALLY AN ANSWER. A culprit. A name for my pain. I can remember how relieved I was when we finally had an answer. It gave me a new outlook. I thought the doctors know what’s wrong and they can treat me and I’m going to feel better.

That wasn’t the case. It meant more doctors, more traveling, more pills, and more unanswered questions. In the midst of everything my older brother Eric started playing the acoustic guitar.  He played all the time and he was good. He naturally caught on and he had rhythm. I had always been interested in music but that interest became an obsession when I saw my brother start playing. I had to start playing too. Playing the guitar always made me feel better. Even when I was weak and it was difficult to find the energy, it always made me feel better to hit those strings. Instant relief. When I was sick I didn’t have the power to do anything. But I had the power to make beautiful music that made me feel good inside and out. Most days were still a battle but in the back of my mind I knew I had my guitar and I could always play.

After I had been playing for a few years I still wasn’t getting any better. Out of frustration, I quit taking all the prescription meds and started taking Mitosynergy Supplements and continued playing guitar. The combination was what my body needed and what I was looking for. Mitosynergy impacts the bodies cell energy producers and helps your systems push out the bad and start rebuilding. Mitosynergy was giving me results and my body was rebuilding on the inside while I was rebuilding my soul through music.

Many people know that I have Lyme Disease and that I’m a musician. But not many of them know the true impact music has had on my life and continues to have each day. Music is a huge part of healing for me. I’m grateful to play and I’m gratedul to share my music with others. The journey I’ve been through is nothing compared to the journey music takes me on.


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